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Yogurt Update: Berry Austin has great toppings but recipes need work

Based on a recommendation from one of the readers (Doug) of our yogurt entry, Shannon and I made a stop at Berry Austin on our way to the movie theater last night.

Located in a shopping center across from Chez Zee at Balcones Dr. and 2222, this place serves more of the family crowd, as compared to the UT area’s Yogurt Spot.  As Doug stated in is comment, Berry Austin is definitely “cute-chic,” with an overall colorful, vibrant interior that includes pop CDs substituting for wallpaper and KISS 96.7 playing through the speaker system.  Shannon, who had gone through a nostalgic teeny-bop craze that day after seeing Justin Bieber on American Idol, remarked that this place fit right in with her current mentality.  It seems like the type of spot where seventh graders might hang out on a Friday night before hitting the bowling alley.

As Shannon and I selected our bowls, we immediately noticed an eco-friendly option: if you’re eating the yogurt on-site, then you can grab a green plastic bowl and metal spoon, which are later washed and reused.  We give Berry Austin major props for figuring out a way to minimize wasting lots of paper and plastic.

As we began to make our yogurt selections, we noticed a lot of children with parents doing the same thing, which wouldn’t be a problem, except for the fact that the space between the seating and the yogurt machines is very narrow.  This led to us constantly feeling crowded as we tried to decide on which flavors to choose.  Speaking of which, the choice was tough because the yogurt was mediocre.  For example, I was excited about the “Capitol Coffee” flavor since I knew that our movie (A Prophet) has a running time of 2.5 hours.  But it was a little too sweet with a dark brown color that was less than appetizing.  The cookies and cream was even worse, as it had a dull gray tone, reminding me of something that a totalitarian regime might serve to the plebian masses.  Even the red velvet, which should taste somewhat like cake, was off the mark, as I would have guessed it was chocolate if I’d been blind-folded.  The best flavor was the cake batter, and everyone seemed to know it, too, as one ten-year-old girl declared that “it’s the only kind I ever get.”  Consequently, there was a bit of a line at the cake batter station.

But Doug was right that Berry Austin has the best toppings bar of all the yogurt places.  Not only did it feature a wide variety of candy and fruit selections, but the quality was top notch.  For example, the miniature Oreos were all whole cookies – there weren’t any crumbles or broken pieces.  Also, the toppings bins were all filled to the brim, which gives the impression of freshness.

Still, when it comes down to it, the actual yogurt’s the most important element, and even though I’ll agree with Doug that Berry Austin beats out Yogurt Planet, I’m still giving Yogurt Spot the blue ribbon based on its yogurt quality and hip atmosphere.


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