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Vampire Weekend rocks out at Stubb’s with rich lyrics and dynamic sounds

For the past week or so, Chris and I have been nonstop jammin’ out to Vampire Weekend in preparation for their sold-out show last Saturday night at Stubbs.

The band is relatively new—they all met up at Columbia University in the mid 2000’s and have since produced two albums, Vampire Weekend and Contra. When Contra came out a couple of months ago, I kept comparing it to their first album and wasn’t quite as impressed. The first album is more upbeat and poppy. However, after spending more time with the second album, it’s come to be my favorite of the two, featuring more mature, dynamic sounds. Still, both vibrant albums rock!  How can indie pop rock infused with great rhythm, catchy lyrics, and African beat influences go wrong?

Due to some taxi issues, we ended up arriving a tad bit late to the concert. Disappointed about our tardiness and sluggish from dinner, we arrived with a mediocre attitude. But the second we walked into Stubbs, the energy of the music snapped us out of it, so we quickly grabbed a Lonestar and started dancin’. We had heard mixed reviews about the quality of Vampire Weekend live, but allow us to give you the truth: THEY’RE STELLAR.

Their songs became more powerful, more multidimensional, as they took risks with bold, crisp sounds.  Renditions of “Oxford Comma,” “A-Punk,” “Giving up the Gun,” and “Diplomat’s Son” were especially exhilarating, with the live performance adding depth and feeling to the songs.  Each performer (the band is made of four), seemed completely in tune with the rest of the group — the mutual trust and friendship between them created a magical show.  I was very impressed with their contagious, effervescent energy. There was a point in the show where I felt a sense of peace and interconnection amongst all there. It’s as if for a second you are all one, thanks to the unifying power of the live creation of music that only the best can make.

Sharp, smart, vibrant, and with no holding back, Vampire Weekend delivered a fun, evocative show.  The only downside: it felt like it was over in a flash.  Chris and I are already searching for when they’ll be back in Austin.


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