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Who knew the Tavern Restaurant and Bar had great margaritas?

Last night Chris and I enjoyed a fun, spring evening watching a soccer game (Austin Aztex against the Haitian National Team) with a group of friends. The game was actually a fundraiser for Haitian relief efforts and ended up raising almost $12,000 dollars ! We had a great time, but neither team scored, leaving our outing a little bit incomplete. Since we were on our bikes, we decided to ride over to The Tavern Restaurant and Bar for some post-game drinking.

I’d been to the Tavern several times and enjoyed their great selection of beer, laid back Austin attitude, and German-pub-like feel.  Known for its appeal to sports fans, they always have the best games on and people cheering. It’s a place of warmth and bustle, but cozy in nature.

The Tavern’s building was originally modeled after a German Public House when it was constructed as a grocery store in 1916. It later transitioned into a restaurant during prohibition; legend has it that the place secretly thrived as a swingin’ speakeasy brothel. When prohibition ended, The Tavern itself was born and has been an Austin favorite ever since.

Once we arrived, Chris suggested we try their margaritas. As an avid margarita lover, I was a little taken aback by the idea — margaritas at a funky, almost dungeon-like sports bar? Alas, Chris was right. Not the best in Austin, but pretty darn good. Not too sweet and super limey, they were the perfect refreshment after a sundown bike ride. Pretty cheap too, costing somewhere around four or five bucks for their not-too-bad-actually-pretty-tasty house margarita!

We were both fairly hungry and a little buzzed, so we indulged in their guiltily pleasurable corn nuggets. We almost finished the basket, but managed to stop after about ten each. So good, but so deadly. There isn’t anything too much better than dipping a warm, fried ball of cream corn into cool, creamy ranch.

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