Avocado margaritas and outstanding Tex-Mex cuisine make Curra’s one of Austin’s best casual restaurants

Last Saturday, Shannon and I were laying by the pool with our friends Ash and Jordan, when pangs of hunger suddenly struck me around 4 pm.  Shannon and I discussed food options in earnest, with us finally settling on ordering a pizza when we returned to my apartment.  But Jordan then mentioned Curra’s, which is nearby, and as she started gushing over the shrimp flautas, we knew that a change of plans was in order.  Jordan and Ash had to leave for a wedding at around 6, but realizing the uncertainty of the food quality at such events, they opted to join us.

After arriving at Curra’s, which is located about a mile west of I-35 on Oltorf, we all enjoyed a round of Curra’s best beverage: the frozen avocado margarita.  Everywhere else, I order my margaritas on the rocks, but not at Curra’s.  The avocado margarita tastes like a smoothie, with the subtle flavor of avocado mixing fantastically with the tequila.  Usually, I don’t like frozen fruit margaritas (e.g., strawberry, peach, etc.) because they’re just too darn sweet.  But avocado isn’t a sweet fruit, and it adds such a smoothness to the drink that I slurped mine down like a milkshake.  Before I knew it, I was already done with my first drink while everyone else had at least half of theirs left.  As a result, I had to order a second one.  They’re really that good!

After indulging in some chips and salsa, it was time to order the main course.  At first, I couldn’t decide between three of my favorites: the cochinita pibil, the carnitas, and the mole enchiladas.  But since I hadn’t dined at Curra’s in over a year and I’d been craving their excellent mole sauce, I decided that I should probably go with the latter choice.  Also, both the cochinita pibil and carnitas are pork dishes, and I could still fulfill my pork craving by ordering it as the filling in my enchiladas.  On the menu, the pork filling’s actually called “chilorio,” which just means that the pork is fried in a chile sauce.  The chilorio was tender and juicy; plus, the enchiladas were packed with the meat, as Curra’s certainly doesn’t skimp on ingredients like the overrated Guero’s.  But the highlight of the enchiladas was certainly the mole sauce, which features notes of chocolate and a subtle peppery bite.  It’s such a unique flavor that it’s hard to describe, and I definitely recommend everyone trying it at least once.

Meanwhile, Shannon and Jordan both enjoyed the shrimp flautas, which have the bonus feature of being gluten-free (for Jordan’s sake!).  This plate comes with three rolled, deep-fried corn tortillas that are filled with shrimp, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and goat cheese.  An avocado sauce mixes nicely with the goat cheese to produce an excellent flavor that’s especially enjoyable with the fresh shrimp.

Finally, being the little boy of the group, Ash chose the “Junior” version of the tamale plate, which comes with four instead of the usual six.  Kidding aside, the “Junior” plate still requires a hefty appetite, as the tamales are huge at Curra’s.  Again, this is not a place that skimps on ingredients.

Although Curra’s has been around for over 15 years, it’s not showing any signs of complacency.  For excellent Tex-Mex food at a reasonable price with quick and attentive service, head to Curra’s.  And try an avocado margarita while you’re there – you won’t regret it!



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3 responses to “Avocado margaritas and outstanding Tex-Mex cuisine make Curra’s one of Austin’s best casual restaurants

  1. Jamie Lee

    mmmm Curras! You can find Thomas and I there on any given Sunday for brunch!!

  2. I need to go back! I took my dad there many years ago, and right before we ate we passed the nearby McDonald’s. My dad loves ice cream and wanted a milkshake before we ate at Curra’s. ( I know, that doesn’t make a lot of sense.) Anyway, as we entered Curra’s, the hostess would not allow my dad to bring in the milkshake. He got so mad that the dining experience was not at all pleasant… Therefore, I need to return under better circumstances!!

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