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The Girl Who Loves the Sun

Shannon’s newest children’s poem…

Photo taken by Wes Schaefer

There once was a very small girl, who lived and played in the sun.

She loved warmth and bees and light and trees and to smile at all her fun.

She rolled in the grass and swam in the lake and ate cookies every day.

She loved all the brightness it gave her, guiding her along her way.

But then one morning as she sprang out of bed, she saw the sun was gone.

“Where are the birds?” “Where is the light?” It was darkness that was upon.

She opened the door to the outside, and saw big dark clouds above.

“Where is the sun?” “Where is the light?” “And where will I have fun?”

As she looked up at the big dark sky, plump droplets began to fall.

Slowly, one by one, thunder and rain began to encompass all.

She tried to still roll in the grass, but mud spread all over her dress.

“Where is the sun?” “Where is the light?” “Is the world now forever a mess?”

Maybe swimming in the lake would be okay?

But then she saw lightening, and stayed far away.

“What can I do?” “I miss the outside!”

“Must I now live my life inside?”

She tried to play with her toys in her room,

But she still felt that her existence was doomed.

“Knock! Knock!”, she heard, and at the door,

A little boy said, “Wanna explore?”

He was from her class and really quite nice,

But exploring in the rain, didn’t seem wise.

“What will we do?” “Have you seen the sun?”

“I have an idea! We can still have some fun.”

Knowing how much she loved the sunshine,

He took her toward a place that was hard to find.

They grabbed an umbrella, bigger than a dream,

Together they held it, the two quite the team.

“Where are we going?” “Where is the sun?”

“Shhh!” he said, “I promise we’ll have fun.”

Along a path of pebbles they walked,

And on their walk they talked and talked.

Under the umbrella too big for their size,

The talked about life, both growing quite wise.

Finally they came to a secret spot,

A beautiful treehouse in an empty lot.

They climbed up in, and gazed out at the storm.

And after not too long, she began again to feel warm.

He held her hand, and she held his back.

“You are the sun, and there is nothing you lack.”

Later that day, the sun finally shined again,

And this time she enjoyed it with a very special friend.

After some time, the sky once more grew quite dark,

But she now knew to still smile because the sun lived in her heart.


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