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New Children’s Poem: Sleepiness!


I hear that alarm,

So you better stop

With your charm.


I rub my eyes,

Peel the covers off,

But sleepiness makes

My bed so soft.



Please go away,

For I see,

The break of day.


I promise you can

Come back soon.

Just, please,

Not at noon!

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Goodmorning, Fall, and Goodnight, Summer!

September moon photo by Wes Schaefer

Today when I first stepped outside,

Fall greeted me right away.

From her tickles of the wind,

I felt a new sort of day.

“Well hello there,

We meet once more!”

Then summer slowly

Began to snore.

Drowsy because

It’s his time to sleep,

Summer fell into

A nice nappy dream.

And Fall stretched

As she rolled on in,

I remember her

And how she always begins.

Although I miss

The sun Summer brings,

Fall delivers gifts

Of laughs and leaves.

Oh I feel sad,

Saying goodnight to Summer.

But I also know,

It’s time for his slumber.

He deserves a rest

While Fall comes to play.

So many friends

And types of days!

I love Fall

For the way she may

Dance with me

In her cool, crisp way.

She always makes me

 Buy something new—

Maybe a sweater

Or Jacket or two.

Football games

And the start of school.

Fall is turning

All so cool!

Cookies, pumpkins,

And Halloween, too.

Welcome Fall,

And Good morning to you!


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My Newest Children’s Poem: When Everyone’s Asleep

Photo taken by me on a dock in Italy on a summer night

Once in a while,

When everyone’s asleep,

I tiptoe outside.

Shhh! Not to make a peep!

Creeks in the door,

I try to keep quiet.

When everyone’s asleep,

I’d hate to cause a riot.

But there are certain nights,

When the stars call my name.

Counting them one by one

Is my secret special game.

One by one I wish,

For all to be okay.

One by one I hope,

For a better morning day.

When everyone’s asleep,

It’s like I can finally hear

The chirping crickets talking

And the whispers of the deer.

They tell me all the things

I really ought to know.

Like how bright I am,

And how to believe it’s so.

Like the power of just swinging

In my little rocking chair.

They tell that it’s okay

If some things don’t seem fair.

But with everyone still fast asleep,

The fireflies come out.

Flying up so high,

Flashing all about.

In the night sky they glow,

Pulling at my gaze.

They tell me to look up,

And remember the starry ways.

When everyone’s asleep,

I love to slip outside.

Counting stars one by one,

Until the morning time.


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